Finding your hidden assets



As an independent company, Innography built a reputation around fantastic data quality and an intuitive user experience. As part of a larger platform for IP intelligence, Innography needed to clearly differentiate from both a rapidly expanding set of competitors and the solutions offered from their parent company, CPA Global.

With sales flat following the acquisition, Innography needed to answer the question “Why Innography?” for the prospects that they weren’t able to close. Innography engaged Sol to conduct discovery and developed differentiated messaging and positioning that they could integrate into their sales materials in order to win in the market again.

innography screenshot.jpg


  • In-depth interviews with Innography leadership team and key members of parent company
  • In-depth interviews with wide mix of current/lost customers and lost prospects
  • In-person workshop with executive team to gain alignment on brand direction
  • Development of extensive messaging and positioning deliverables 


While the data was still an important component of their story, our external discovery revealed that the true value of the Innography platform came from turning IP into a strategic asset.

Sol created an extensive set of messaging and positioning deliverables that extended the idea of IP as a strategic asset across every aspect of the organization – sales, marketing, product, customer service – to improve company performance.

Innography used the outputs of the process to update all of its marketing collateral and sales materials to assert the company’s up-leveled role as a software/data platform vendor and edge out traditional competitors.