Streamlining messaging for a global org



As a product design and manufacturing partner working with leading brands from Google to Nike, Flex needed its website to reflect its stance as a global leader in its industry. 

To drive prospects visiting their site to take action, Flex needed its content to be more customer-centric and have a more precise message. They worked with Sol Marketing to consolidate their website’s 100+ pages, create simpler journeys throughout their site to lead visitors to the right content, and develop a singular voice that told their story.



  • Interviewed Flex team members and customers
  • Audited 500+ pages of source material from Flex
  • Created purchase influencer profiles and identified top concerns to speak to in the new web copy
  • Crafted new website navigation to simplify the web experience
  • Wrote website copy for 42 main website pages – consolidating it from 102 previous pages – and developed new case studies


After integrating the copy that Sol Marketing wrote with their new website design, Flex saw an almost two-fold increase in time spent on their site, in addition to a 40% bounce rate reduction. 

They also began receiving much higher quality sales leads through their contact form. Four months later, The Webby Awards honored Flex as a finalist for the best Professional Services mobile website.

“Flex initially hired Sol Marketing to help us improve our website’s content for search engine optimization, but after interviewing key stakeholders at Flex, they identified an actionable opportunity to evolve Flex’s content strategy to better address the needs of our customers. Taking a collaborative approach, they were able to help us meet a tight timeline, while delivering above and beyond their initial scope of work. The content they crafted for us is performing exceptionally well, and we now have a framework for producing on-brand, compelling digital marketing assets. We appreciated their strong point-of-view, flexibility, and organization. This project was a huge win for Flex. It was completed in record time, while being a huge undertaking, and we launched on schedule, on budget, without compromising quality - which is pretty rare in any project."