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Building a brand from the ground up



When a seasoned pet food entrepreneur’s non-compete from his latest company sale expired, he didn’t want to waste any time getting back into the pet food business. During his time off, this founder, along with his veterinarian sons and scientists at Texas A&M University, developed a new scientific process to create shelf-stable, raw pet food. But before the company sunk millions of dollars into manufacturing and distribution, they needed to verify a market need, identify and profile the ideal target audience that would be most predictive of their success, and prioritize the development of form factors and features. The company and the product also needed names and a visual identity to support their early business and channel development efforts. Sol Marketing conducted a 360-degree assessment of the market — vets, pet store owners, and pet owners alike. 



  • In-depth interviews with vets, industry experts, pet store owners
  • Nationwide video diary and quantitative research with pet owners
  • Brand workshop to build consensus around key brand concepts
  • Go-to-market channel and segmentation recommendations
  • Brand messaging development
  • Corporate and product naming
  • Initial creative development


We discovered there was indeed a market for opportunity for shelf-stable, raw pet food.

The detailed breakdown of target audiences yielded insight into preferences to guide the development of messaging, marketing strategy, and the product itself.

After research, positioning and messaging work, the Sol team worked with SquarePet to develop their initial visual identity and go-to-market collateral.