Who is your "unicorn" customer?


Let's start with the basics. Your brand is not about you, your brand is about your customer. This requires you to think very carefully about who your customer is. And not just any customer... your “unicorn” customer.

What's a "unicorn" customer?

Your "unicorn" customer is the customer who is most highly predictive of your brand's success. The person who will bring in the most amount of revenue over time. 

To identify your "unicorn" customer, ask yourself these questions:

  • Who will keep buying from us again and again?

  • Who will become our brand champion?

  • Who will express irrational brand loyalty?

  • Who will submit positive reviews?

Let’s look at an example:

One of our previous clients is one of the world's largest retailers of hookahs and hookah supplies. When we asked who their ideal customer was, they described an older Middle-Eastern man. 

After working through the ideal customer exercise, we discovered their actual ideal customer was a young guy between 18-28 years old who wants to bring people together around the hookah. He is curious and a discerning, fun-loving hookah enthusiast who knows that the most memorable and fun hookah experiences start with the right equipment, accessories and shisha tobacco. He wants to be the life of the hookah party. 

Why is he the "unicorn" customer? This young guy understands that in order to create the best hookah experience, you need to start with the right product and equipment. He wants to do what it takes to be the life of the party, and he is going to go the extra mile. He will keep buying from our clients over and over again, he will become irrationally loyal, turn into the brand champion and write positive reviews. He is invested. To him, hookah represents who he is as a person: a party planner, a host, someone that enjoys bringing people together and will go the extra mile to provide his guests an excellent experience. 

This is not your typical description when you think of your audience. This is not everyone; you can see how he is the "unicorn" customer.

How do you put this into action?

We have the first step ready for you (awesome, right?). Do our hands-on exercise that will walk you through the behavioral, attitudinal and psychographic questions you need to answer, so you can find exactly who your “unicorn” customer is.

When you’re finished, you’ll have a highly detailed, hypothetical profile of your absolute “unicorn” customer.

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