One-to-one communication puts your customer in the driver's seat

Marketers know the customer journey is changing rapidly. Prospects are educating themselves, making themselves known only when they are well into the process. People are in charge of their journeys in ways they never were before. Our clients are among those adapting how they tell their stories.For large companies, that can mean implementing a complex marketing automation machine using Eloqua or Marketo. For smaller companies, setting up simple triggered emails within a small business email platform, like Mailchimp or Exact Target, can do the trick.

Sol Marketing is playing a leading role in how one of our largest clients is changing the way it engages with customers. Its traditional approach is accelerating into a customer-driven marketing journey, where the customer’s interests and behaviors determine what type of interaction and content they get from the company. This company is going all-in, using complex data mining and analysis to be more relevant.

We worked with one of our smaller clients to change their storytelling on a more modest scale. Based on the content the clients have downloaded, we used simple segmentation to create separate paths for prospects - one for those who are still in the exploratory phase and another for clients who want to go directly to offers created.

Whether the shift is large or small, the key is to provide information that engages, educates and excites those you’re trying to reach. More than ever before, people are doing their own homework before contacting a business. Make sure you’re sharing something that steers them your way.