Dear Retailers (and everyone else) this holiday season...


So, we’ve made it through Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Cyber Week and we’re now in the midst of 20-something days of deals. How’s your inbox feeling? A little over-full? Mine too.

Some of you may not know me, so let me just say this: I love email marketing. I even proudly proclaim my love on my laptop screen for all to see (photographic evidence pictured below).

I love email

But what happened on Black Friday? I woke up as I do any other day (except later) and immediately checked my email. I expected to have quite a few promotional emails in my inbox, and boy did I! But one brand, who shall remain nameless, struck me in a not so good way. This is a brand I love. Products I love. Beautiful makeup and heavenly bath treats. Great to the earth. I had an email at 6am, which hadn’t been opened. I had one at 10am. I opened the 10am one—curious what would happen if I engaged with it. Would I get another email? Would I get removed from the email stream? Here’s what happened:

  • 2pm: Email rolls in like clockwork. I open AND click.

  • 6pm: Email pings my inbox. I do nothing.

  • 10pm: Another email. I unsubscribed.

Yes. I unsubscribed from a brand I LOVE because they sent too many emails. Email is the one way I stay connected to this brand and am reminded about them and I am now off their list.

So, this holiday season (and really all year long), here’s one of my best email tips for you:

Before you send any email, ask: If this is the only email I could send this person, is it the one I would send? If this is the last email they get from my company, is it the right one?

I’ve found more often than not, these two questions are a good guide when the urge to over-email is high.


Megan, aka Lover of Email

Megan Moller