Welcome to the new blog

The best-loved brands have great stories. We’re telling some of those – and some of our own – right here. It seems everyone in the marketing business has latched on to the notion that brand storytelling is some new-fangled thing. But storytelling is nothing new. What’s new is telling the story that hasn’t yet been told.

Over a brand strategy and marketing career spanning more than 20 years and literally hundreds of brands, I’ve seen that the brands that experience the most sustained success are those that have discovered and embraced an “aha” about their brands and leveraged those to create and tell powerful brand stories to connect with their audiences.

Our new Sol Marketing blog will highlight some of those experiences from our unique point of view.  We’ll share branding and marketing insights and best practices. And in typical Sol style, we’ll throw in some fun and surprising stuff too.  Thanks for reading.

~ Deb