Brands profit here. You could build a brand on your own. But we don't recommend it. Sol Marketing exists for one reason: to build winning brands. Sol can help your brand win by finding and engaging with your best customers—those most predictive of your success. 

Your brand exists in the hearts
and minds of your customers.


Here's how we can help with that.



  • Own your brand identity
  • Build a brand from scratch
  • Revive an existing brand
  • Validate and refine positioning
  • Develop a brand architecture
  • Extend a brand with new products or into new markets, with new customers
  • Create measurable brand value
  • Get your whole team on the same page, speaking the same brand language
  • Step up your sales effort with refined positioning and messaging




  • Make important decisions with confidence
  • Profile, segment and prioritize audiences
  • Measure effectiveness of marketing efforts
  • Gain insight into customer bonds and barriers
  • Size a market and define a product or customer opportunity
  • Uncover and magnify marketplace issues and trends


  • Drive action with compelling content and programs
  • Communicate your unique position and point of view
  • Activate marketing automation with quality content – ads, emails, webinars, infographics, videos, whitepapers, and more
  • Outsource your “content machine” to efficiently create content
  • Leverage existing investments to create new form factors
  • Generate sales and marketing tools and materials