Are your customers irrationally loyal to you?

Do your customers and clients feel the love for you in their hearts, minds, wallets and dare we say — groin? Uncover what we mean in our interactive graphic below.


Customers use the limbic part of their brains to decide whether or not to make a purchase. It’s the part of the brain that records memories of things that produced pleasant or unpleasant experiences. In other words: it’s the emotional part of the brain. And from brain studies, we know consumers buy based upon their emotions.


Make sure you deliver on your brand promise with your product. Your buyers need your brand, product or service to do what it says it does and deliver benefits above and beyond its basic functionality. Being relevant and meaningfully different to customers gives you a sustainable competitive advantage in your category.


Content is king, but only if you connect emotionally with your audience. Content is often your first opportunity to create an impression. Write and speak as your audience does through your content. Engage your audience and win new customers by telling stories about what matters most to them.


Earn customers' unwavering devotion by speaking directly to their hearts. Demonstrate what you believe and what you value, and use that as a magnet to attract customers and create the indelible bond of Irrational Loyalty that keeps them wedded to your brand for life.


Long-term bonds happen when you have the heart, mind and genitals all feeling that “loving feeling.”


Once you have that loving feeling and you continue to nurture it, your customers will naturally become your most loyal – and vocal – fans.