You’re creating the profile of your ideal customer archetype – that means if every customer you have was like this, you’d be wildly successful.

Use the following to hone in on behavioral and attitudinal attributes that enhance the climate of consideration for your brand. Feel free to print this page.

Describe the ideal customer for your brand in the space below.

Now, answer the following in-depth questions about the person you described above.

What do they LOOK like?

What is their day like?

What keeps them up at night? What are they afraid of?

What are their goals?

What are their challenges?

What do they care most about in life?

What makes them feel good?

What makes them feel SEXY?

What makes them feel bad?

How do they measure success?

What do they need most from us to succeed?

Now, draw a picture of your ideal customer. Be as creative as possible. For instance, if your ideal customer is a good listener, draw her with big ears. If she’s resourceful, give her a Swiss Army Knife with lots of tools. You get the idea.

Finally, write a summary description of your ideal customer below. Try to summarize your ideal customer’s characteristics in one or two sentences.