Scaling marketing content production



Exclusive Resorts wanted to scale their marketing content production. They needed to take a more strategic approach to their marketing efforts – in both the way they produced marketing content, and in the content itself.

Historically their creative team had designed every piece of content from scratch, slowing down their production process and requiring additional review time at each step. They needed to tie their content together visually and give their team guidance on how to create compelling content more efficiently.



  • Content templates for top- and middle-of-funnel content like Q&A’s, Top 10 lists, comparison grids and articles
  • Email marketing templates
  • Template usage guidelines including layouts, color combinations, and word counts


Sol worked with Exclusive Resorts to create email and content templates that they could use to train their creative teams to produce on-brand content more efficiently.

Since these templates were pre-approved by senior leadership, they decreased review time that previously slowed down the process when creating all net new pieces of content.