New Year, New Brand: I resolve to write how my brand would speak.


It’s important to understand and articulate your brand voice. This not only draws in customers but will also draw in the right employees who embody that same voice. That way, your customers will experience consistency in their interactions with your company. So, how do you find your brand voice? Here are some steps to follow:

1) Articulate your brand values.

What does your brand stand for? This is important to define as everything builds from here, especially your brand voice.  Once you understand your brand values, you can more easily articulate them through your brand messaging and your interactions with customers.

2) If your brand was a person, what would they sound like?

What’s your brand persona? You already discovered your brand archetype, now take it a step further and think of different personas. Is your brand young, old, wise, carefree, funny, reserved? The best brands in the world know who they are, what they stand for and even what they sound like. It’s much easier to write how people think when you know who you are and can envision who your customers are as well.

3) Be consistent.

This is very important. Every single person your customers interact with at your company must embody the same voice or they will experience a disjointed or inauthentic experience. All of your brand communications should use the same voice and tone as well. You should have a brand book and describe your voice so that everyone in the company is aware. Nothing kills a good brand faster than an inconsistent customer experience. Guard this one carefully.

Writing in your brand voice can take practice. We have experts on staff that can help. Reach out below.

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Mark Ciavola