New Year, New Brand: I resolve to create a video this year


Incorporating video into your marketing strategy is essential for the success of your campaign. Did you know that 85% of internet audiences in the U.S. watch videos online? That’s a huge number! Additionally, 51% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI. Marketers that use video grow their revenue 49% faster than non-video users. These stats show how important video is and what a huge impact it can make on your audience and your bottom line. If that’s not reason enough to add video content to your marketing strategy this year, then we don’t know what is!

To get you started, we’ve shared 4 different types of videos you can incorporate into your marketing plan.

1. Go BTS (behind the scenes)

Give your followers a backstage pass to your space. Show your audience the faces behind your brand. Consumers want to connect with brands on a personal level and see the human behind the business. Who works there? What is the office environment like? Show us.

2. Create a post-event video.

Talk about engagement! Creating a post-event video that showcases attendees enjoying your event is a great way to increase engagement. Social video generates 1,200% (nope, that’s not a typo!) more shares than text and images combined. Include video as a part of your overall event strategy to boost your social engagement.

3. Influence Action.

Video is a great tool to encourage your audience to take action. You can touch someone through video and elicit emotions in a way that text and images cannot. For example, sharing a video during Giving Tuesday that shows how donations impact others is a great way to encourage your audience to donate. Storytelling through video is a powerful tool. Since video has more shares than text or images, your message will spread faster and the overall impact will be larger.

4. Make a tutorial.

A great example of a company doing this well is Tasty. Tasty’s Facebook videos have averaged 22.8 million views in their first 30 days alone. If you aren’t familiar with Tasty, they create video cooking tutorials that are made for social media. These tutorials are fun to watch and beneficial for both the audience and the company. The company is showing their audience the steps to create one of their tasty recipes. This is great shareable content. Think of a tutorial you can make to help your audience. Start by asking them questions to find out what they need to learn more about.

Video is so important to your marketing strategy. We love helping clients create video content, and we’d love to help you! Reach out below.

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