New Year, New Brand: I resolve to answer these three brand swagger questions


Now that you’ve completed your brand values pyramid, the next step is to answer these three brand swagger questions. These questions can be difficult to get to the bottom of, but once you understand them, they allow your brand’s strategy to flow naturally.

1. What does it say about a person (a customer, a user) that he or she uses/wears/drinks/eats/lives your brand?

The answer to this question lies in how your product/brand addresses someone's core values and beliefs.

2. What makes your brand indispensable? 

What is the singular benefit he/she gets from using your product or brand that they can't get ANYWHERE else?  The answer to this question is NEVER about the product – the speeds/feeds or the "ities" (reliability, adaptability scalability, manageability, etc-ability.)  The answer to this question gets to the true differentiation of your product and the root of the emotional relationship people have with you and your brand.

3. How do you make your customer a HERO in his/her own story? 

Everyone has a story.  How does your brand play into the customers' own stories?

All of these answers will lead you to discover how your brand gives a person that sexy swagger that makes them swoon.

Need helping answer these three important questions? We’ve got your back.

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Mark Ciavola